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Monte Taylor 2015Monte Taylor is a serial entrepreneur, author, coach and business consultant and the former CEO of two network marketing companies. He is an experienced marketing executive who has developed sales organizations in both the public and private sector. As a devoted network marketing advocate for nearly 25 years, he has personally built successful teams in the field as an independent distributor. He is an avid tennis player, runner, and health enthusiast. Monte received his Master’s degree in business administration from the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College and holds Master’s level certificates in Executive Coaching and Business Coaching. If you’d like to chat for a few minutes about one-on-one coaching, PLEASE CLICK HERE  TO ACCESS TO MY CALENDAR AND SCHEDULE A FREE SESSION.

His books, Objections Handled! and Profit With Leads are both available at  Amazon

On a personal note: I’ve seen the power of people who strive to perfect their “people communications.” Whether it’s their personal communications, videos, in print, audio or from the stage. The power to persuade, influence, and move people to appropriate action is magical. Prospecting (and leadership) in network marketing hinges mightily on your ability to communicate with people at a high level.

Clarity and character are paramount. If you are willing to learn the art of “intentional conversations,” and willing to elevate the quality of your communications by listening carefully and asking better questions, you can truly find opportunities to help others – and add tremendous value to both your life and to theirs.

To your great success!
Monte Taylor
Orlando, Florida

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