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The Change of Focus Strategy

The Change of Focus Strategy

When prospecting you must make a simple strategy changean adjustment in focus, from “me” to “you.” You do this by acquiring the ability (particularly in conversations) to always put the prospect’s needs ahead of your own. This simple strategy will strengthen your passion and connection to everyone with whom you associate, and positions you to turn your prospects into customers or team members. It is perhaps one of the most powerful business, communication and life strategies you can employ. What’s the secret? Listen More. Talk Less. Ask Questions! In order to become more effective while prospecting, you will want to learn to listen more and talk less. One suggestion is to listen about 80% of the time and talk about 20%. It’s not an exact science or rule, but maybe asking yourself the following questions will help. “Whom would I like to lead the conversation?” The person asking the questions is always the person controlling (and leading) the conversation. If you’re busy answering someone else’s questions, they are in control, which means they are leading the conversation. Just to be clear, you are not trying to control the person, just the positive direction of the conversation. Your job is to become “needs aware.” What do they need? What are they looking for? Where are they hurting? How can you help them? When you’re having a prospecting conversation, two things should be happening: You listening carefully and you asking quality questions. Hint: The more you listen, the better your questions and the more effective you will be.

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