Interview: Nine Drop-Dead-Easy Social Media Strategies

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You’ll  enjoy and learn tons from this outstanding interview with best selling author, Alex Theis. His new book, “Stop Pitching & Start Connecting. Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies for Network Marketers,” is climbing the charts on Amazon Kindle and in print. Listen in as Alex shares some great strategies you can apply immediately …and how to access his free 6-page mini-booklet: “9 Drop-Dead-Easy Social Media Strategies for Network Marketers.”

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  • excellent, looking forward to the webinar. Up to now I have been afraid of the social media thing. hear so much negative and did not want to be a part of that. I know technology could do so much good in this world and that only a few bad apples just ruin it for the rest of us truly dedicated to making this a better world.

    my facebook acct. was set up by gr dau. but was never explained to me how it works, so I am sure I am doing lots wrong, mostly, I have been liking and posting to my timeline, haven’t figured out how to do the selling thing so maybe that was a good thing I didn’t know how.

    Will get Alex’s book and am going to print off the 6 pager.

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  • I agree Kathleen. Alex does a nice job of explaining how to incorporate it as part of what your doing. Thanks for tuning in.

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