Seven Positive Emotional Triggers Every Network Marketer Should Know

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One of my favorite authors, Dr. Frank Luntz, writes about “what people really want.”  His research reveals people’s “emotional triggers,” and how the tactical use of words can affect what we buy, what we believe in, and even whom we vote for. INSBYYL is my [horrible] acronym for seven of the most important triggers – and every network marketer should be aware of them.  Listen to this short audio [4:52] …you’ll be surprised how these concepts can help make people much more responsive, interested, and open to your ideas!

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  • Thank you again for sharing with us what makes you such a professional. I know it takes years of research to dig out the pearls you share with us and it is obvious you actually use these in your own books and coaching. I “feel” the impact of these words as you use them and show us once again how we can take our business and relationships to a higher level.

  • Good stuff in this! Incorporating these words and phrases in emails, voicemails, letters, presentations…pretty much any communication where you want someone to do what you are asking them to do is a really good way to build trust into your relationships. Thanks for this!

    Oh, and by the way, assuming there is no particular order to these words and phrases, try this:

    S Y L B Y I N – “Sil-be-in” It’s actually something you can pronounce. (Don’t you love the way I just pushed my idea on to you?) Thanks again, Monte.

  • Diane, …I loved it! S Y L B Y I N ….good stuff. S=”Simple truth”; Y= “You deserve”; L= “Let’s get started”; B= “Believe in better”, Y (#2) = “You decide”; I+ “Imagine…”; N= “No excuses” Thanks for your input and thoughtfulness. Some people are good at acronyms — That would be you!…Thanks for sharing

  • Always good to get positive feedback from a great teacher …such as yourself. Thanks == love you!

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