The Real Secret To Buying [And Closing] Home Business Opt-In Leads

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Sorry, but it’s true: The vast majority of network marketers fail miserably when it comes to contacting, engaging and successfully closing home business or MLM “opt-in” leads. If this is an area of prospecting you’d like try (or know more about before you try), then you need an insider’s playbook. You absolutely need to know the secrets. My mission with this week’s blog is to save you many, many hours of wasted time, wasted energy and angst. As always, my goal for you, is “yuk prevention!  Enjoy this short audio. [5:00]  

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  • Great input, but where is the transcription? I love being able to first listen, and then save the transcript for future reference. Do you have the transcription for this particular blog about “Business Opt-In Leads”?

    I’ve been “catching up” on listening to and reading info I missed over the past few weeks.



  • Oh my! Here I am with a copy of your book sitting right on my desk!!! Time to read it again…and again…until I absorb it through osmosis!!! AND, I actually purchased the book from Amazon BEFORE you offered the Kindle version. Thanks for the mental jog!!! I think I’m in an even better position now to get all I can from your valuable information.

  • The transcription was uploaded several hours after the post …you should have it now. Please let me know.

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