This Unique Approach Is A Powerful Game-Changer

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I was cleaning out some old files recently to make room for the new-year when I came across a long-forgotten article. The subject was the “astonishing power” of making this ONE simple change in your mental frame of reference. It’s not that I’d never heard of the concept before, but what really caught my attention was the “author’s dare” to simply try “IT” in ANY single area of your life and to watch and see what happens. In this brief audio [3:40] I’ll share what IT is, what I tried first, and how you can use it to “elevate your game” when prospecting …or doing almost anything else in life.

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  • Wow Monte this one has to be the most simple and enjoyable suggestion you have shared yet! Just thinking about applying it to some situations that have felt “heavy” to me immediately lifted the weight and I’m looking forward to challenging myself with it in oh so many ways. I’ll keep you posted as I use it more and more.

  • I am grateful that you share your words of wisdom with us Monte..Thank you so much for helping me keep all things in perspective.

  • Thanks YOU for taking the time to comment …appreciate you! Now I’m going to go play some tennis in 40 degree weather! Yikes.

  • thanks, learned a long time ago being grateful is not hard to do. sometimes people look at you like you are crazy when thanking a “service type” person for doing their job. They may be doing their job and get paid for it; They deserve any and all consideration we can give them, I always ask my self: What does it hurt to be grateful, Thankful; What if you/I was the only person who acknowledged their worth that day? What if my comment was something that turned a bad day into a WOW DAY! Don’t we all deserve to have WOW DAYS???

  • Hi Kathleen …thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I appreciate you! Agree with you on the “wow days.” My friend Marilyn and I spoke yesterday about gratitude and what a powerful yet underused tool it is and a great way to “reset the energy” between people or to create positive energy where none existed only moments before.

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