Who Is The Right Who For Your Product? [Hint: You Should Know This] Episode 27

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Most “target customer” and “target market” talk is pure rubbish. Why? Because very few marketers (and salespeople) are willing to do the work (meaning take the time) to get granular enough with their ideal customer descriptions to make any meaningful difference to their results. In this video, you’ll learn how you can scientifically invoke the law of attraction for your business. Maybe it’s time to start making the law of attraction work for you.

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  • Thank you Monte,

    As always you have given us a lot to think about and do. Lessons we have either forgotten or had never learned. But it is never too late. And the timing was perfect. I have an apt. early am tomorrow. and I know what I shall be doing the rest of the day, granted I have never met her other than on the phone; so I really need to think what I need to know about her to see if she is a fit for my business.

    Look forward to your lessons/messages every week. and often review.
    Please change my email to the one below.

    Sharing is Caring

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